The World of Minecraft

In Minecraft there are so many options of items you can build or expeditions you can go on. The Minecraft world holds all the resources necessary to achieve amazing feats like building a diamond sword or fighting the Ender Dragon. With an entire world at your disposal, it’s hard to decide what to accomplish first so we asked the campers what their favorite thing to do in Minecraft is. Here are their responses:

“I like exploring caves and mining minerals and ores like rubies and diamonds.”

“I like building structures.”

“I love building and playing structures. Spiders are my favorite enemy in Minecraft.”

“I like spawning wolves so I can tame them and they can follow me wherever I go.”

“Building mansions.”

“That you get to build whatever you want.”

“I like building castles and towns.”

“My favorite thing to do is play mini games and survive with other people.”

“I like mining diamonds and making an enchanted diamond sword.”

“Survive and fight!”