Super Cool Science


This week in the science center, CGI campers are going hands-on in the science lab with lots of fun and educational experiments! They will have the opportunity to dissect multiple things this week including frogs and sheep hearts. Today they started their week of dissections with an owl pellet. The owl pellet was very interesting because it has the bones of the creatures the owl had eaten. Campers found ribs, skulls and other bones inside the pellet. After gathering all the bones, campers were able to put the pieces together and visualize what the full skeleton would have looked like.

In addition to these awesome dissections, campers will create and observe chemical reactions; build solar powered cars, and more. These interactive learning experiences help campers discover answers to tantalizing scientific questions in worlds of chemistry, biology, anatomy, physics and more. On Friday, friends and family are invited to the Super Cool Science Expo! Keep up the great work, campers.