Game Over: Campers Create Their Own Video Games

When you first pass by the classroom where the Video Game Design campers are working, you wouldn’t think much of it at a glance. However, when you take the time to go inside, you’d discover that the campers are creating their own virtual worlds.


The campers use programs like Super Mario Flash and Game Froot to design their own video games down to the most minute details like their character’s hair color or what type of surface they want their characters to jump on.


A lot of the campers had a clear vision of what they wanted their video game to be. For example, Walter had designed every aspect of the game including the storyline and title. His game is titled Project Z and in the game, your squad is investigating a space station when they find out there are zombies in the building so they have to escape. Zombies seemed to be a popular enemy to these campers since a lot of them had zombies present in their games. CJ’s game featured zombies including a boss that was “half zombie half mad scientist human.”