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The Great Ape Finale

CGI, Science

Campers in the Animal Advocates course welcomed their family and friends to a wrap-up presentation this afternoon. Continue reading

Lights, Camera, Action!

CGI, Visual Arts

On Monday, campers chose to re-create the popular music video titled Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. Continue reading

The Next Generation of App Creators

CGI, Technology

Ever wonder how those catchy and addicting apps on your smartphone were created in the first place? Continue reading

Building Game Worlds

CGI, Technology

Using a computer program called Project Spark, each camper is able to create their own video-game domain from the ground up. Continue reading

That’s Sew Cool!

Fashion, Visual Arts

Campers participating in the Fiber Creations and Handworks classes as a part of The Center for Growth and Innovation (CGI) are hard at work on their newest projects. Continue reading

Police Line, Do Not Cross!

CGI, Science

Campers are investigating the scene of a crime at ESF this afternoon as part of the CSI Forensics course offered through The Center for Growth and Innovation (CGI). Continue reading

Impressions and Blood Splatters

CGI, Science

This morning, campers took advantage of a perfectly good sandbox to create their own footprint castings. Continue reading

Pythons and Lizards and Skinks, Oh My!


Each day, campers learned about different kinds of zoo animals and their specific habitats, physical features and defense mechanisms. Continue reading

Dresses, T-Shirts and Mermaids


The Fiber Creations & Handworks course within The Center for Growth and Innovation (CGI) is back for another week and campers are even more creative than the last. Continue reading

Dissection Day!


Today was dissection day! Continue reading