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Mess Fest Dissection Day

CGI, Science

The campers in Mess Fest had a big day which included learning about the digestive system and dissecting a squid and a cow eye.      The campers had to identify the important parts both inside and outside of the
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Ready for Liftoff

CGI, Science

The campers have been busy this week learning about aerodynamics and launching different types of rockets. They started off the week crafting different paper airplanes and testing how far they could fly.       Next on the agenda was building
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Super Cool Science Dissects a Shark!

CGI, Science

The campers in Super Cool Science had some special guests today (both from land and sea)! ESF Episcopal’s Assistant Site Director Paul Kazanjian visited the class to dissect a dogfish, also known as a sand shark. The campers watched Mr.
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Human Bowling Balls

Engineering, Science

One of today’s challenges was to build a human bowling pin set using only 50 plastic cups that could withstand a rolling camper on a seated scooter. Continue reading

Dissecting Owl Pellets


Campers were given a small set of owl pellets and were challenged to find as many bones and remnants of creatures inside of them. Continue reading

Is There Life in Space?

Adventure Travel, Science

Miss Nicole from The Franklin Institute brought along a super fun show that taught campers all about how gravity in outer space affects astronauts. Continue reading

Dissecting Eyeballs


Each camper had the chance to dissect a cow’s eye, a squid and a watermelon at ESF today. Continue reading

Makin’ A Mess

CGI, Science, Visual Arts

Throughout the day, campers were given the opportunity to create some of the messiest, ooziest and gooiest experiments they may have ever seen. Continue reading

How Does Water Work?

CGI, Science

With the help of CGI Counselor Mrs. R, campers are exploring all of the forms and phases of water as a liquid and as a chemical combination. Continue reading

The Great Ape Finale

CGI, Science

Campers in the Animal Advocates course welcomed their family and friends to a wrap-up presentation this afternoon. Continue reading