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Human Bowling Balls

Engineering, Science

One of today’s challenges was to build a human bowling pin set using only 50 plastic cups that could withstand a rolling camper on a seated scooter. Continue reading

Designing Custom Robots


Campers participating in the Robotics 101 course within (CGI) are creating their own custom robots at ESF today. Continue reading

All Systems Go!

Engineering, Technology

This time, campers are learning how to program their wheels and gears along with sounds too. Continue reading

Racing Solar-Powered Cars

Engineering, Science

CGI Counselor Steve showed campers how to build and wire a small motor to a car-frame with a solar-panel attached to it to create a completely solar-powered car. Continue reading

Welcome to the Robot Carnival!


Throughout the week, each camper learned how to build and manipulate small motor-powered robots and create particular robots. Continue reading

Bringing Robots to Life


One of this week’s most popular engineering classes is Junior Robotics. Continue reading

Welcome to Fab Lab


The Center for Growth and Innovation is hosting an educational engineering course called “Fab Lab” at ESF Camp this week. Continue reading

Showin’ Off our Robots


Campers in Robotics 101had a chance to show off their finished products to family and friends on Friday afternoon. Continue reading

We’re Talkin’ Robots


Campers are learning all about what kind of parts and pieces need to be put together in order to create robots. Continue reading

Little LEGO Engineers


Our “Pre-Engineering Using LEGO” class for campers in grades 1st through 3rd is a hit! Continue reading