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Terrific Triathlon!


All week, campers in Triathlon Camp at the Center for Growth and Innovation have been running, swimming and biking all over campus. Campers with a range of experience and skill level all had opportunities for growth. Continue reading

Music Mixers


One of our CGI camps this week is Digital Music: Mixing and Mastering. These campers have to opportunity to use technology, digital tools and various techniques to create, edit and produce sounds, music and podcasts. Continue reading

Creating Adventures in Minecraft


This week in Minecraft all ages groups and experience levels joined forces in one big brainstorming adventure. Campers have been learning basic game design, how to utilize different tools, and use their imaginations to build a 3D world. Continue reading

Visualizing Veggies at Art and Nature


At Art and Nature, campers fuse the great outdoors with imagination to create art using resources from the world around us. Continue reading

Calling All Facebook Users!


The Center for Growth and Innovation is officially on Facebook! We’ve launched a brand new social platform and we want YOU to follow all of our news and updates this season. Head over and LIKE our brand new page between
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Thank You, ESF!


Before campers left for the summer, they wanted to give a big “Thank You” to all of the directors, counselors, teachers and other campers at ESF! Continue reading



The 2015 ESF Ichiban and Master Teacher recipients were named and honored at the Center for Growth and Innovation today. Continue reading

It’s Not Too Late to Enroll!


Check out all of the exciting camps offered at The Center for Growth and Innovation this August! Continue reading

Order in the Court


Campers chose the topic they were most interested in debating, but were not given the choice of whether they were going to argue FOR or AGAINST the subject. Continue reading

Makin’ A Mess

CGI, Science, Visual Arts

Throughout the day, campers were given the opportunity to create some of the messiest, ooziest and gooiest experiments they may have ever seen. Continue reading