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Mess Fest with The Franklin Institute

Visual Arts

That’s right, this week at CGI, messiness is encouraged! Young scientists have gotten messy in the science lab with a variety of experiments. They have mixed, poured and slimed their way through chemistry and biology experiments. Continue reading

Rocking Roller Coasters

Visual Arts

Everyone knows how exciting roller coasters are. This week in Roller Coaster Design: The Science & Engineering of Thrill Rides, campers have explored the excitement of designing their own coasters!

Continue reading

Ooey, Gooey Rainbow!

Visual Arts

Little scientists invaded CGI this week in Ooey, Gooey, Kablooey! This program is designed young campers who want to explore some hands-on science fun with entertaining and educational experiments. Continue reading

Colorful Chemistry

Visual Arts

The Center for Growth and Innovation offers a chemistry course that pack in a full year of material into a month-long intensive course. During the course, the students have the opportunity to participate in awesome labs — like the one today! Continue reading

LEGO Time in Jr. Robotics

Visual Arts

This week, campers in Jr. Robotics are using LEGO WeDo to create robots. With the combination of LEGOs and a computer program, the creations will come to life. Continue reading

Presentations of Innovation

Visual Arts

All week, campers have been using their imagination in CGI Specialty Camps. From constructing castles in a 3D world in Minecraft to capturing the essence of the great outdoors in Art and Nature. Continue reading

3, 2, 1, Action!

Technology, Visual Arts

Campers are becoming masters of video editing programs and creating movie trailers, public service announcements and music videos. Continue reading

Tissue Paper Hats and Impressionism

Visual Arts

Today’s project was all about Mary Cassatt, who was a painter that often created images of the social and private lives of women. Continue reading

Fabric Galore!

Fashion, Visual Arts

Outside of the ordinary cotton, campers are using fabrics like fleece, chiffon and neoprene to construct a clothing piece of their choice. Continue reading

Photoshop and Digital Photography

Technology, Visual Arts

Each day, campers used some of the latest and newest digital cameras available to capture images of people, objects and scenery around ESF Episcopal’s beautiful campus. Continue reading