Move it, Move it: Your Body in Motion

DSC_0048This week in CGI, younger campers are in non-stop motion with The Franklin Institute. A resident science expert isĀ introducing campers to how the brain works with functions such as balance and coordination. They will spend the week tossing, jumping and always moving, moving!


Today they learned the basics of balance and motion. Campers did several exercises to practice the concepts they learned. They focused on balancing on a “tight rope”, which was a piece of tape on the ground. Juggling with scarves was an activity all campers enjoyed as they learned about motion. In the afternoon, the class began to brainstorm ideas for a play to put on that is entertaining but includes all of the forms of movement they have learned about. They came up with their own costumes and characters, these campers love to be creative. On Friday, parents and family are invited to a presentation about all the cool things going on in Move It, Move It this week.