CSI Forensics


For the past week and a half, campers in CSI Forensics have learned from experts about crime scene procedures. They have taken fingerprints, analyzed blood splatter, made casts and taken photos. All of these processes  are required to correctly handle evidence at a crime scene. Today, they looked at their second mock crime scene as they worked as a team to collect and preserve evidence.

The team arrived on the scene around 10 AM. After recording initial observations, the campers taped off the scene and went in to take diligent notes and photos. Evidence markers were placed all over the scene to make sure each and every splatter, shell and fingerprint were on the record. A sketch artist went through and drew a rough picture of the scene. After they gathered all necessary parts, they headed back to the lab to do a deeper investigation. The investigators will use notes and evidence in court on Thursday as they present their conclusions.