Building Bridges in Creative Problem Solving


The second class of Creative Problem Solving kicked off this week as campers challenge themselves to solve unique problems using critical thinking skills. Each day they will work as a team to encourage collaboration and cooperation. The teams will complete various brain-busting, creative challenges including timed verbal problems, hands-on, building initiatives and exercises aimed at developing diverse methods to solve problems.

DSC_0135 DSC_0138

One of their most creative challenges was to build a bridge just using straws, raw spaghetti and string. They were also given two soup cans to anchor the bridge. The goal of the problem was to build a structure strong enough to hold fifty-two marbles in a cup. The campers got creative with designs, some teams made bridges modeled after a typical bridge and some took an imaginative approach. Two groups had bridges that were able to hold all fifty-two marbles, pretty impressive. Keep thinking outside the box!

NOTE TO PARENTS: Our senior campers are spearheading “Bring on the Fun,” a game supply drive supporting the Horizons Program at Episcopal Academy benefitting kids in Philadelphia, PA. Each camp is asked to bring different games/ supplies for the Horizons Campers. We are requesting these items from CGI families: Board Games, Legos, Cards and K’NEX. The deadline is Wednesday, August 3rd. Thank you for your support!