Campers Show Off Their Fashion Designs

For the past two weeks, the campers in Fashion Design: Inspiration and Creation have been learning about prints, patterns and textiles. They also sewed their own functional purses, necklaces and headbands.


This week, the campers were tasked with creating their own fashion lines while developing strategies for how they would market their clothing line to their target consumer. They sketched out their clothing designs and made vision boards of their clothing lines. Each camper designed their own logo which would represent their company’s brand.


Today the campers presented their clothing lines to the rest of the class. Their instructor Annina said the campers have been working hard all week preparing for their presentations and displaying their work. “I like how different their collections are,” Annina said. She could see a lot of individuality in their pieces and they also learned collaboration through crossover collections with others. Sarah created a white cape as one of these collaboration projects with Ashley.


The campers had plenty of different fabrics to choose from to make their collections which consisted of ten different pieces. They utilized fabric books to choose the specific fabric that would best suit the piece of clothing they were making. For instance, Jordan said that silk was a very lightweight fabric that she thought would be perfect for her dress.


“I liked this week because we got to create our own garments,” Carly said. Ashley also agreed that designing her own clothing was her favorite part of the two-week course. The campers made vision boards for their collections based on what inspired them. For Clementine, she was inspired by the beach and wave patterns that are a big part of her collection. “I like to use bright colors because they remind me of places that are warm.”


Emily utilized upcycling for her hat which was made out of bubble wrap and jewels. She was inspired by Australia and her collection has a chic attitude that is accompanied by a lot of jewels.