Ooey Gooey Kablooey Gets Slimy

The campers got messy on Monday making mud but instead of using dirt, they used soap! Their clean mud consisted of tiny pieces of toilet paper, ivory soap and water. Campers took turns grating a bar of ivory soap so it was the same size as the pieces of toilet paper.


They were tasked with making the soapiest mess possible by squishing the pieces of soap and toilet paper pieces until it created a super sudsy mess. The consistency of the mixture at first confused and grossed out the campers but they soon had fun with the experiment and enjoyed feeling the mixture between their fingers.


The campers were very hands on today making their own slime to take home! They used different dyes to make both blue and red slime.The slime was made out of borax solution which is made by dissolving borax crystal soap in water. Combine the solution with glue, stir it around and you’ve got slime! The campers had fun playing around with the slime and took note of its strange, elastic texture.