Outdoor Leadership Build Their Campsite

The campers in Outdoor Leadership start and end their days the same way. Each morning they walk outside and construct their tent. They spend their afternoon participating in team building activities that help them better work together. The activities help them focus on the task at hand and learn to cooperate with other people which is a necessary skill later in life.



Today the campers built their own campsite composed of a fishing hole, campfire, tent, sleeping bags and a lookout area. The campers made their own fishing pole out of a walking stick and string which they used to catch fish in their makeshift fishing hole. They took rocks from the area outside of the Lower School to construct their rock circle for the campfire which featured fake flames out of red and yellow flags. The campfire also featured a pan to cook their “food” in.


The campers used their imagination with the different elements that made up their campsite. They had a great time fishing in their pond and made sure their food was perfectly cooked on the campfire.


The campers carefully laid out a picnic blanket and set out their plates and silverware to eat their delicious meal. Their campsite was surrounded by large boulders which served as the perfect location to scout the area with their binoculars. All the campers stood on top of the rocks to gaze at the beauty of nature around them. And to top it all off, the campers roasted marshmallows. At the end of the day, the campers disassemble their tent, pack it up and head out to their next adventure.