Visual Arts

Animal Advocates

DSC_0322Over the next two weeks, campers in Animal Advocates: Save the Red Pandas are learning to take action and think critically about real-world issues that impact endangered Red Pandas and other wildlife species across the globe. They are lucky enough to work side by side with Zoo educators and experience several animal encounters a day.

Today, campers learned about orangutans. Instructors from The Philadelphia Zoo talked about the eating habits, social interactions and living environment. They discussed the similarities and differences between orangutans and humans. Campers learned how the rainforest is getting smaller due to deforestation and orangutans are losing their homes. Everyone went outside to play a game to simulate deforestation, it was very educational!

DSC_0422 DSC_0446

Later in the day, they met some new animal friends.  The awesome educators from the Zoo brought three animals for campers to encounter. They learned all about a turtle, corn snake and red-tailed hawk. Campers loved learning fun facts about the three very different animals.