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Is There Life in Space?

Adventure Travel, Science

Miss Nicole from The Franklin Institute brought along a super fun show that taught campers all about how gravity in outer space affects astronauts. Continue reading

Mission Complete


In true teamwork fashion, campers have been tasked to enter into two different game worlds and collectively complete separate missions that have been created for them. Continue reading

All Systems Go!

Engineering, Technology

This time, campers are learning how to program their wheels and gears along with sounds too. Continue reading

Photoshop and Digital Photography

Technology, Visual Arts

Each day, campers used some of the latest and newest digital cameras available to capture images of people, objects and scenery around ESF Episcopal’s beautiful campus. Continue reading

Round Robin Design


Each camper was given a computer to begin designing a game on at the beginning of the day, but every 13 minutes they had to get up and hop to another camper’s computer. Continue reading

Dissecting Eyeballs


Each camper had the chance to dissect a cow’s eye, a squid and a watermelon at ESF today. Continue reading

Fashion Forward

Fashion, Visual Arts

Each camper is hard at work, trying their best to master the Wonder Loom, sewing machine and knitting needles. Continue reading

Order in the Court


Campers chose the topic they were most interested in debating, but were not given the choice of whether they were going to argue FOR or AGAINST the subject. Continue reading

Makin’ A Mess

CGI, Science, Visual Arts

Throughout the day, campers were given the opportunity to create some of the messiest, ooziest and gooiest experiments they may have ever seen. Continue reading

How Does Water Work?

CGI, Science

With the help of CGI Counselor Mrs. R, campers are exploring all of the forms and phases of water as a liquid and as a chemical combination. Continue reading