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Police Line, Do Not Cross!

CGI, Science

Campers are investigating the scene of a crime at ESF this afternoon as part of the CSI Forensics course offered through The Center for Growth and Innovation (CGI). Continue reading

Impressions and Blood Splatters

CGI, Science

This morning, campers took advantage of a perfectly good sandbox to create their own footprint castings. Continue reading

Dissection Day!


Today was dissection day! Continue reading

Racing Solar-Powered Cars

Engineering, Science

CGI Counselor Steve showed campers how to build and wire a small motor to a car-frame with a solar-panel attached to it to create a completely solar-powered car. Continue reading

How to Investigate a Crime Scene


Campers at ESF are learning how to conduct a complete and thorough investigation of a crime scene this week. Continue reading

Three, Two, One, Lift-Off!


Campers in the Space & Rocketry class within the Center for Growth and Innovation program got to launch their very own rockets this afternoon. Continue reading

The Traveling Science Show


ESF and The Center for Growth and Innovation welcomed The Franklin Institute’s Traveling Science Show to camp this week. Continue reading

New Camp Offerings with The Franklin Institute!


Episcopal CGI has teamed up with The Franklin Institute to provide you with two awesome new offerings! Continue reading

CSI Trip to Forensic Lab


Campers in CGI’s CSI Forensics camp took a field trip to the Philadelphia Police Department’s Forensic Building last Friday. Continue reading

CSI Mock Crime Scene


CSI Forensics campers are using the scientific method and observing the scene for evidence and clues. Continue reading